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Supply Chain/Fraud Analytics

Supply chain and contract fraud analysis has been elevated, from an exercise in human tedium to a well-anticipated element of automated efficiency. We assess the resiliency of processes for patterns of reliable activities and potential points of vulnerability or opportunities for exploitation, enabling your organization to see the forest through the trees and resolve any necessary redress with resiliency.

Real Time Data Sourcing for Real Time Decision Making

Our data scientists and engineers have developed the tools and techniques necessary to keep an eye on your organization as information develops. Whether from real time sensors, global positioning devices, or good old fashioned document submission, live updates keep you informed and efficient.

Discover Hidden Trends

Witness your data in a normalized format, organized how you see fit. Comparing previous and current trends enables more than potential for “lessons learned” but facilitates foresight into future possibilities – both for your operations and for staying ahead of your adversaries.