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It's not enough to have the same column names in two different spreadsheets... What about all of your other data sources -- MS Word documents, Adobe PDF, unstructured customer emails, comments, etc? NNCompass provides an easy way to integrate and merge data from all the data you would want to take advantage of.

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Recommendation Engine

Analytics packages run across your data when it is first being ingested into NNCompass. This means we do a lot of incredible things with the data when you first upload it. We look at where all of your data could interrelated, and give you recommendations on fields that are very similar.

Data Integration Palette

When you create a group from multiple data source uploads or database connections, NNCompass shows an easy-to-use Data Integration tab. From here you can select which fields you want to integrate, then merge all those sources together through an export or stream.


Start by Uploading Your Data Sources

Integrating data starts with you uploading your data sources. Remember, you can upload just about anything into NNCompass by connecting to SQL databases and whole lot more.


Transform, Cleanse & Normalize Your Data

Once you've uploaded or connected to a data source, NNCompass gives you the ability to transform the data in-memory. We don't copy data from one location to another. You can perform dozens of transform operations on that data, view the profiling analytics, understand the in-memory schema (Data Dictionary) and see which fields might be similar across your data, and export or stream directly from the Data Source page.


Data Integration Palette

This is where the magic happens. The Data Integration tab shows you all of the data fields across all the data sources in your group. And integrating data fields couldn't be simpler. Select which fields you want to integrate, give it a integrated field name, press "Integrate Selected Fields" and your data fields are now integrated. This effectively creates whats called a "primary key", which tells NNCompass and other databases that this field is exactly the same across all your data sources.