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Classified Communications & Sensitive Scenarios

We enable your team and analysts to focus on extracting value out of the data, as opposed to working endlessly to ingest, parse and ensure proper security tags on your data. Our custom security tagging code is used to parse and verify any text that we identify in a document as a candidate marking. This component also provides an ISM (XML Data Encoding Specification for Information Security Marking Metadata (ISM) ) report as output which is a breakout of the marking into its constituent parts -- required to create TDF (Trusted Data Format) files.

  • Security Tagging Parser automates highly structured ISM metadata
  • Security Tagging Formatter corrects nonstandard or incorrectly formatted markings
  • Automatically extract and apply structure to dozens of government message types (M3, M3 Tearlines, USMTF)
  • Determine information overlap along with the best way to integrate data
  • Automatically ingest and handle IL security markings routinely found in government HTML document headers
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    Mission Planning or Martial Preparedness

    Revitalizing potentially stagnant intelligence and mission data files, NNData applies advanced clustering algorithms to deduplicate and group relevant threats from months of intelligence database products into a well curated, streamlined dataset for mission planning. Our Cyber Operational Planners provide strategic support by reviewing strategies, doctrine, policies, and directives to ensure compliance. We provide briefings, transitioning concepts to execution, and assist in the coordination of operational planning, whether in support of training, strategic exercises, IT processes and procedures, or other future operations.