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NNData Technology Services

NNData (pronounced “N – N – Data”) is a machine learning and data driven company that is focused on market disruption and tackling the growing challenges around data. Grounded in best practices and practical implementation strategies, yet steeped in academic driven innovations, NNData continues to be a leader in providing greater clarity to ever increasing volume and stores of data.

Data Architecture and Integration

Our core competency and focus is extraordinary proficiency and advanced solutions for the customer’s Data Architecture and Integration efforts, combined with our advanced Data Science techniques to yield never before seen or considered enterprise insights.

Cloud Migration Services

Our team of professional services staff have a dynamic array of backgrounds clustered in Academia, the Commercial Marketplace, and Federal Agencies that ensures our advanced data solutions consider and incorporate the latest innovations and technology advancements while remaining practical for immediate organizational impact.

Technology & Algorithm Development

We are fully committed providing to consistent and continual investigation of best of breed Data Management Solutions that effect critical path components of the Data Lifecycle by conducting R&D integration experiments leveraging our extensive network of strategic and advanced technology partnerships with traditional and innovative companies.

Engineering and Software Services

By continually drawing upon our experience and expertise in architecting, engineering, and maintaining ultra-scale data systems for some of the Federal Government’s demanding environments, NNData Solutions are built to over-perform and volumetrically scale while accommodating the customer’s ever growing data collections, user bases, and insight demands.

Big Data and Advanced Analytics

Data and ultimately intelligence are core to our product and services. We design solutions which enable organizations to improve their data handling and find new ways to exploit it, whether it is a smaller problem set of data or truly Big Data. We support the ingestion and migration of data to operationalize an organizations data. Solutions that automate. Products that scale. Professionals that specialize in data management

Cyber Defense and Insider Threat Detection

Using our total solution of products and services, we analyze raw data to develop intelligence left behind by attackers to identify persistent threat actors and anticipate future attacks. Our teams support organizations in the identification of insider threats, malware, and other malicious code in your enterprise.

Application Development

From banks to retail services, partners trust us to develop leading-edge applications efficiently, and cost effectively.

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Big Data Distributions

Cloud Computing

NNData knows that big data doesn’t just mean large numbers of rows from a database.  The vast array of data sources and data types in today’s world pose a big data problem in finding ways to integrate these disparate data types into a comprehensive view that allows business leaders to make informed decisions taking into account all the information available to them. NNData’s technology experts can help your business migrate your data away from their individual silos, ingest it into a single, unified analytics framework, provide aggregations and summarizations and perform cutting edge analysis that can transform your raw Big Data into processed and relevant Smart Data.

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Business Intelligence

& Data Science

Always at the forefront of understanding and implementing the latest advances in data driven technologies, NNData is committed to solving your most challenging business operations concerns. Over the years, NNData’s leaders and technologists have successfully and seamlessly moved their customers from single faceted relational data bases to cloud based big data solutions and are now immersed in turning big data into smart data by applying enhanced (advanced) analytics.

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Mobile Solutions

Application Development

With today’s always-connected lifestyle, mobile access to company data has become a necessity.  For customers and interested individuals, mobile applications are no longer just nice to have but are expected for a full featured user experience.

  • Enhance Business Reach
  • Allow people to discover your business through the various app store portals, reaching potential customers in more than the traditional avenues

  • Improve Productivity
  • Mobile access to core business data allows workers more opportunities to contribute

  • Secure Communication
  • Dedicated mobile applications allow more robust safeguards than simple web access to keep confidential company information from the wrong hands

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Cyber Analytics

Real Time & Insider Threat

Cyber vulnerabilities come in varying forms, sizes, infiltration paths, and exfiltration methods.  Furthermore, they can be executed to yield nefarious results instantaneously, or breed inside your networks over long periods of time.  Is your current mitigation strategy to simply close ports and procure a more expensive firewall?  Is your organization truly prepared to deal with the consequences of a coordinated attack?  In order to effectively protect your business from being exploited, you must first understand where the business vulnerabilities exists.  NNData provides robust cyber analytic and data forensic capabilities to discover potentially business crippling cyber threats before they occur and before they’ve done damage.