The only way to analyze disparate data is to turn it into something new

Data can be structured, semi-structured, or unstructured – and can come in any number of file formats. Comparing PDFs to Word documents is hard enough; comparing information in both of those to ESRI data and tiffs is nearly impossible. That’s why we created NNGest. It’s a tool that streamlines all of those file types by creating a Unified Data Type – and allows everything to be processed during the data ingest. The biggest part of Big Data shouldn’t be the time it spends to clean it up.


Sorting through a junk drawer is hard – but when that drawer has millions of fields, it can seem impossible. Our tool can automate that process for you.

The first step in any analysis is taking the shape of the data you’ve already got. With NNForm, you’ll be able to see everything from a 360 view – enabling you to quickly assess where you’ve been, where you are, and where you want to go. NNForm creates a virtual data dictionary - allowing you to visualize repository structures and file formats in a way that’s never been done before.

Data scientists have a lot of work to do and a lot of problems to solve. Figuring out disparate data sources and their hidden connectivity shouldn’t be one of them.

Why create a data lake? It’s just a repository of all the data that existed elsewhere. Data lakes are also consistently prone to intrusive variables and data sets with that can negatively affect the environment. Create a data structure instead – one that analyzes where data should go, based on its usefulness and size, and how the data itself might relate.


Represent your data, your way. NNVision is here to make sure that’s possible.

NNVision is a fully adaptable integration tool to connect your newly transformed data from the Unified Data Framework into your favorite visualization software. It ensures complex and unique data formats can be integrated into a comprehensive data repository, allowing business intelligence algorithms to perform across all possible information sources providing actionable intelligence to existing user interface for publishing of results. We want to let you focus on what matters most – getting the results you need, displayed however you’d like to see them.

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One workbench. A million ways to analyze it,

We don’t want you to be limited by your computing power. Or your coworker’s vacation. With NNAlyze, the work you’re doing is available across the organization – all in the cloud, in one place, and always ready for you to collaborate, to coordinate, and to get creative with your data. It’s a revolutionary workbench that enables Data Scientists to work with data directly in the platform, while forgoing the typical download and silo approach, with integrated tools such as Python, R, and Spark for algorithm definition. Because that’s what data science is about – making sure you’re able to use everything at your disposal to get insights, not be limited by what’s in your line of sight only.

Ensure your analyses are done on the right data, the right way.

It’s hard enough to conduct data analysis when you’re working with thousands of fields and millions of data points. We want to make sure that no matter what results you get, you can prove that they’re accurate. With NNTrust, you’ve got a built-in audit trail, allowing executives to trust that their decisions are made based on real data, with realistic derivations. Trust that decisions are made with scope and confidence by quickly assessing the data and analytics used to derive results while shadowing and monitoring the scientists, subject matter experts, and processes used to generate executive decision making reporting. Your mission matters, and we’ll help you get the data to prove it.