NNCompass Enterprise is an innovative software suite that solves some of the most difficult data management, streaming, workflow, preparation & transformation tasks faced in enterprise data environments today.

NNCompass is an AI-Enabled ETL, Digital Process Automation (DPA), and Data Preparation software for structured to unstructured/multi-variate data. NNCompass allows for the simple access to disparate sources for transformation of various data types (e.g., MS Word documents, PDF, images, full motion video, and more) into highly structured, AI/ML-ready data through application of machine learning and document understanding techniques.

Data Handling

The only way to analyze disparate data is to turn it into something new

Data can be structured, semi-structured, or unstructured – and can come in any number of file formats. Comparing PDFs to Word documents is hard enough; comparing information in both of those to ESRI data and tiffs is nearly impossible. That’s why we created NNCompass. It’s a tool that streamlines all of those file types by creating a Unified Data Format (UDF) – and allows everything to be processed during the data ingest. The biggest part of Big Data shouldn’t be the time it spends to clean it up.


& Data Workflows

Manage the ingest of streaming or static data from a variety of sources. Structured, Unstructured or Semi-structured.


& Data Prep

The absolute truth is data can be a huge mess. We have easy-to-use tools to clean it up without ever changing source data.


Machine Learning Data Dictionary

It needs to be easy to marry, merge, and integrate data to get the most value out of your data lake.


Profiling Analytics

We’ll help normalize things that are similar across your entire data lake, and automatically identify outliers.


Data Dictionary & In-Memory Schema

Analysts have a lot of work to do and a lot of problems to solve. Figuring out disparate data sources and their hidden connectivity shouldn’t be one of them.

Why create a data lake? It’s just a repository of all the data that existed elsewhere. Data lakes are also consistently prone to intrusive variables and data sets with that can negatively affect the environment. Create a data structure instead – one that analyzes where data should go, based on its usefulness and size, and how the data itself might relate.


Control Your Data

Represent your data, your way. NNCompass is here to make sure that’s possible.

NNCompass is a fully adaptable integration tool to connect your newly transformed data from the Unified Data Framework into your favorite visualization or business intelligence software(s). It ensures complex and unique data formats to be integrated into a comprehensive data repository, allowing business intelligence algorithms to perform across all possible information sources providing actionable intelligence to existing user interface. We want to let you focus on what matters most – getting the results you need, displayed however you’d like to see them.


Secure Your Data

Ensure your analyses are done on the right data, the right way.

It’s hard enough to conduct data analysis when you’re working with thousands of fields and millions of data points. We want to make sure that no matter what results you get, you can prove that they’re accurate. With NNCompass, you’ve got a built-in audit trail, allowing executives to trust that their decisions are made based on real data, with realistic derivations. Trust that decisions are made with scope and confidence by quickly assessing the data and analytics used to derive results while shadowing and monitoring the scientists, subject matter experts, and processes used to generate executive decision making reporting. Your mission matters, and we’ll help you get the data to prove it.

NNCompass Government Logo

NNCompass Government includes all the capabilities of NNCompass Enterprise, but also implements specific processing, parsing and streaming to handle some of the most difficult government message types, data formats and security tagging environments.

These capabilities lets your team and analysts focus on extracting value out of the data, as opposed to working endlessly to ingest, parse and ensure proper security tags on your data. Our custom security tagging code is used to parse and verify any text that we identify in a document as a candidate marking. This component also provides an ISM (XML Data Encoding Specification for Information Security Marking Metadata (ISM) ) report as output which is a breakout of the marking into its constituent parts -- required to create TDF (Trusted Data Format) files.
NNCompass Government can be deployed to your data center, or to your secure cloud via an AMI. It integrates with your SSO implementation, like LDAP, and includes the ability for analysts to collaborate through sharing of data sources, data groups and transforms.

Security Tagging Parser automates the creation of highly structured ISM metadata.

Security Tagging Formatter corrects nonstandard or incorrectly formatted markings.

Automatically extract and apply structure to dozens of government message types like M3, M3 Tearlines, USMTF, NNNN Separated Files and Summary Formats.

IBS Data Processors apply structure and make it easy to transform or integrate with other data.

Ingest government message types then get recommendations on where the information in the sources overlap, and how best to integrate your data.

Automatically ingest and handle IL security markings routinely found in the headers of government HTML documents.

Example Supported Message Types
  • IIR
  • OOB
  • 465 Types Supported!


Apply the power of machine learning quickly, and easily

The Machine Learning & Smart Data Workbench lets any user take advantage of ML algorithms, such as clustering, correlation & classification


On-Site, Containerized, and Cloud Ready

NNCompass Enterprise can be deployed into nearly any environment, with installation support from NNData included.


Connect your users

NNCompass Enterprise is configured to work with your adopted user security model.


Share Data Sources, Data Groups and Transforms

Being able to collaborate on data sources, their preparation, transformations and streams is supported in NNCompass Enterprise