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NNData Competencies

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Engineering & Software Services

By continually drawing upon our experience and expertise in architecting, engineering, and maintaining ultra-scale data systems for some of the Federal Government’s demanding environments, NNData Solutions are built to over-perform and scale while accommodating the customer’s ever growing data collections, user bases, and demands.

Data Architecture & Integration

One of our core competencies captures how data is collected, stored, integrated, and leveraged within the enterprise and across systems. We excel at translating an organization’s needs, challenges, and desired operational vision into conceptual, logical, and physical data architectures.

Data Science & Algorithm Development

We are fully committed to providing consistent and continual investigation of Data Management Solutions critical to the Data Lifecycle. Our experiments leverage our extensive network of strategic and advanced technology partnerships with traditional and innovative companies.

Pattern Detection/Extraction

Evaluating how content, entities and their relationships evolve over time to discover repeating patterns of usage that lead to baselining and forecasting changes in entity behaviors or relationships.

Intelligent ETL

Our platform was purpose built to handle more than just structured data ingest and migration, and prepare that data for non-proprietary export. Non-traditional data sources are typically encountered in higher volumes in the public sector and enterprise environments. We can access, migrate, transform, extract, and load data to over 300 different types of binary files, applications, storage arrays, data bases, and systems.

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Big Data Distributions

Cloud Computing

NNData knows that big data doesn't just mean large numbers of rows from a database.  The vast array of data sources and data types in today’s world pose a big data problem in finding ways to integrate these disparate data types into a comprehensive view that allows business leaders to make informed decisions taking into account all the information available to them. NNData’s technology experts can help your business migrate your data away from their individual silos, ingest it into a single, unified analytics framework, provide aggregations and summarizations and perform cutting edge analysis that can transform your raw Big Data into processed and relevant Smart Data.